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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my dentist referring me to an endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists with at least two years of additional education in the diagnosis and treatment of root canal disease. Your general dentist is referring you because he or she believes that your tooth requires special care. Dr. Ching limits his practice to root canal therapy and treats difficult cases daily. He has invested considerable time and skill to ensure long-term success.

Will I feel pain during or after my root canal?

With today’s advances in technology and anesthetics, most patients are comfortable during their endodontic procedure. Dr. Ching invests considerable time in numbing patients to allow the anesthetic to take effect. Following your procedure, you may feel some discomfort for a couple of weeks, or you may experience mild swelling, but both can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription medications. If your discomfort or swelling lasts more than several days, please contact Dr. Ching.

Why does my root canal need retreatment?

Although endodontic therapy has been shown to have high a success rate, there are cases where additional treatment may be needed. This may happen because of:

  • Recurrent decay
  • Salivary micro-leakage underneath a restoration
  • A delay in placing a permanent restoration
  • An inability to disinfect the canal system due to complexities like curves or constricted diameters
  • A complicated canal system that was undetected during the initial treatment.

Root canals may be retreated wither either a nonsurgical or surgical approach.

Why is saving my tooth's root so important?

Our tooth roots have two important jobs. The first is anchoring teeth to the jaw. The second is stimulating the growth of new bone tissue. When a tooth root is lost, that part of the jaw doesn't have anything to stimulate new bone growth. As a result, the jaw weakens and, over time, bone tissue is lost. As more time passes, you may also lose other teeth. A root canal will help you save your tooth and your root so that your jaw remains strong for years to come.

Why shouldn't I just have my tooth extracted and replaced with an implant?

Any decision regarding your dental health should be made by you and your dentist. Root canals and implants have identical rates of survival.

Implants are an excellent restorative solution, but many insurance companies don’t cover the cost of an implant, while a portion of the root canal fee is usually covered. What’s more, implants can be two to four times more expensive compared to a root canal because of additional surgical procedure.

Committed to Quality Endodontic Care

Our mission is to deliver quality, comfortable endodontic care to ensure long-term health and well-being. We strive for consistent results by cleaning and filling the canal system to its apex. This translates into eliminating painful symptoms and restoring your tooth's functionality. As a testament to our hard work and commitment to quality care, we’ve been recognized by Honolulu Magazine in their round-up of best dentists.

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